Births, Deaths, & Marriages from "The Andalsia Star"

Compiled by Lois Danley.

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Lisa R. Franklin RN

DATE OF NEWSPAPER/events in that date's paper (b=birth, d-death, m=marriage)


Jan 4	M    J W CHASSER  & Miss Willie COFIELD; T E SMITH & Miss B E PALMORE
Jan 11  Lic    Ernest PAGETT & Julia PAGETT; W L HOOD & D E GUNTER;  S E RHODES
	        & Jewel HENDRICKS;  H J CLARKE & Myrtle Lee CAULEY
  	D     J R HART near Hacado found dead near his corn crib. His death is mystery.
	M    Prof  A M CHAPMAN of Miss & Irene CHAPMAN of Andalusia Dec 20 1911.
	       They are not related, married in San Antonio, Tex and will be living in Lawton, Ok.
Jan 18	M    Miss Agnes REID & W H Spiers today at 9:00; Mis Pocohantas TAYLOR & J H
                     SCOGGINS of Clayton
	D    W W VARN, turpentine ooperatore in Covington Co, died in Mexico last week 
	       in motor car accident. Mr Varn's brother was seriously injured in the same wreck.
Jan 25 	D    Dennis BOYETT at Searight and was laid to rest in Harmony Cem; wife & several
	       children survive
Feb 1	D    Little Elizabeth O'NEAL, 10 yrs old, youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs C A O'Neal                   
	       last Tuesday. Ill for 8 mos with incurable heart disese. Services & interment at 
	       Baptish Church at Andalusia;; Mrs L A MCCALL, 74 yrs died Monday, interment
	       and services at Methodist Church at Andalusia, 3 daughers & one son survive.
	D    Irene BERGREN, Negro woman died Tuesday; Mrs Robert KNOWLES of Rt 4 on
	B    daughter to Mr & Mrs  H C MOORE
Feb 8   	M   Ailene PHILLIPS & Edgar CARR Wednesday at home of parents Mr & Mrs V L
	      Phillips; Lina JOHNS & G A POWELL last Sunday at her home in Gantt
	D   Eugene PETERSON, killed by Jim BIRD, a Negro and his father in law in Andalusia
Feb 22 	M   Mary L JACKSON &  Henry C MITCHELL at Lango on Feb 14.
	D   Henry SMITH 30yrs was cut to death by his cousin R B DIAMOND,17yrs on Wednesday
	      in Lango
	B   daughter to Mr & Mrs Robert CHAPMAN; son to Mr & Mrs PREER
Feb 29	D   3 mos. child of Mr & Mrs Branson WIGGINS; C R GRISWOLD at Andalusia Thursday
	M   Walter LANGFORD &  Ethe JORDAN last Sunday at home of J R JORDAN,Dozier
Mar 7	M   Douglas BROOKSEY 18yrs & Miss Lina TISDALE 14 yrs, d/o W R Tisdale, went
	      to Laurel Hill, Fla and married last week.; W F SHELL,Greenville & Mrs Mattie J
	      BUSH, formerly of Andalusia, at Evergreen last Thursday
	D   Mrs KENDALL, mother of Charles Kendall died Tuesday; child of C M WIGGINS
	      died thursday,funeral on Saturday; sister of Mrs A M RILEY in Lafayette, AL;
	      Adam L PIERCE, born Loundes Co, Al May 26 1845, moved to Red Level age 21,
	      died on Dec 9 1911, was master Mason on Aug 11 1877; A W MATTHEWS died
	      at his home Thursday. Funeral was Friday, wife and small child survive.
	B    son to J W PARKER & wife in Rose Hill
Mar 14  D    Mrs S C SPIRCE SR 59 yrs died at her home in Heath Monday, funeral & interment
	      on Tuesday at Bethany Church, husband & 7 grown children survive; Malcolm
	      JERNIGAN 18 yr son of J N Jernigan, killed by train in Greenvile last week, Funeral
	      at River Falls & interred at Andalusia on Thursday
Mar 21	M   A S JOHNS of Sanford & Miss Martha PATRICK of Opp on Sunday at Opp
	D   7 yr child of Mr & Mrs Lester BRYANT of Opp, found dead in bed Sunday, interred
	      at Valley Grove;; B J SPINEY, 72 yrs died at Pink
Mar 28	D   Mrs Anne GOODE 40 yrs died at Poley last Wednesday, husband & 3 childred survive;
	     6 yr old son of Mr & Mrs L H BRASSELL, died in Andalusia Wednesday, funeral
	     and interment at Baptist Church in Andalusia Thursday
Apr 4    M   J T JOHNSON & Miss Valley GUNTER last Sunday home of bride's parents, Mr & Mrs
	      Elliott Gunter, of Gantt 

Apr 11	Court:  Samuel PARRISH of River Falls attempted assualt, discharged;  R B DIAMOND
	      charged with causing death of brother in law Henry SMITH, near Beck, released on
	      bond of $2500.
	D   Ab RILEY died of paralysis last Friday, Funeral & interment Saturday at Carolina
	M   J D PRESTWOOD & Miss Lucy Mae JONES of Evergreen last Wednesday; Stephen
	      TAYLOR and Miss POOLE at Andalusia last Wednesday
	D    Mrs Amanda DUNN 65 yrs, her son CLEVELAND DUNN 23 yrs and his 2yr old
	      daughter burned to death on Apr 4, near Salen when home burned. Mrs Cleveland 
	      Dunn jumped through window, her husband with baby in arms was about to jump 
	      when his aged mother screamed. Cleveland with baby still in arms tried to assist 
	      his mother and was cut off by flames. 
Apr 18 	D   Mattie CURTIS, colored,found dead near the L & N RR at this place Thursday,
	     murdered with crushed skull; 
          FYI   Shooting lat Wednesday at Andalusia, J B YORK was shot by Gus MCINTOSH 
	     at McIntosh's store. McIntosh surrendered to Sheriff. York was recently married	
                   and is now paralyzed from chest down. Two other men were arrested. McIntosh
	     release on $300. bond, other two men charged and released on $ each
             D   5 mos. child of A S RAWLS and wife Sunday at Gantt
Apr 25  D   George ALLEN shot & killed at Milton, Fla Saturday by Frank PENTON.
                  Kirk WILLIAMS at Harmony, Apr 14 Sunday, Mack POWELL charged with the
	    murder, bond at $7,500. in Pike Co, Al
	B  daugher to George HART and wife
May 2	D   Prof. J T SENTELL ag 82 died at dinner table Friday at Andalusia. He was born
	    in Georgia, 4 children survive, Hon. J O Sentell of Laverne, Mrs W W AVANT of
	    Laverne, Miss Ada Sentell of Andalusia & Mrs J W SHREVE  at whose home he
	    was when he died. Interred Saturday in Andalusia;; Chester TAYLOR, Negro
	    shot & killed by Jim COLLEN, Negro at Falco
         Div   Joan MORGAN vs Will Morgan;   Emma WOODHAM vs Charles Woodham;
                 Charles TART vs Lois Tart
          M    Miss Lula Eugenia ROBINSON d/o A L Robinson, & George W LUNDY were 
	   married yesterday;; Pearl Ophelia HARRELL & R I BOYD on Thursday in Birmingham,
	   Miss Harrell formerly of Andalusia is niece of A F HAGOOD.
May 9 D   W E WARTHEN shot & killed by Oscar BUNDRICK last Saturday. Each man had a 
	   shotgun, but only Bundrick's gund was fired. Warthen's gun chamber was empy, but
	   trigger was cocked.  Bundrick surrendered at Andalusia.  Wathern was abt 58 yrs and 
	   leaves several children.  Bundrick is 35 and married. Bundrick was acquitted May 14.
          M   Maggie Elizabeth MALCOLM & William Calvin O'NEAL both of Andalusia to be
	   married in Baptist Church in wednesday , June 5, they will make their home with Mrs
          D    8 mos child of Dr SMITH & wife of Pinkard. interred at Pinkard; 4mos. child of Walter
                MERRILL died at Andalusia
May 16  D Engineer J G HOLLOWAY near Calhoun Tuesday. No. 18 worktrain ran into freight 
	   train on the L & N RR;  E SCOFIELD 80 yrs died near Opp Wednesday  interred at
                 Beulah Cem
	B  daughter to Mr & Mrs C S O'NEAL last Wednesday
May 23  D   City Marshall Joseph APLIN, survived by wife & 2 children, in a shootout with 
                  Charley WILKS on Monday. A witness stated that Aplin fired first, Aplin before he
	    died said Wilks fired first.  Wilks had 4 shots in him and died instantly. Aplin was
	    shot once in stomache, walked to barber shop, then drug store.  He died 3 hours later.
	    Aplin interred in Andalusia Cem with Masonic honors, both men buried on Tuesday
	D  7 yr old daughter of Dr J C MERRILL of Dozier last week of rheumatizm
	M  Jim CAWLEY & Miss Ruby RICHARDS last Sunday at Methodist Church
May 30	D   6 yr old child of Mr & Mrs Richard PENTON of Opp last Friday; of burns, Interred
	      at Andalusia, mother was seriously burned too
Jun 6	B   daughter to Mr & Mrs J R BONNER last Saturday at Andalusia
	M   Ansil HARRIS of Andalusia & Miss Nell MARTIN of Georgiana last Sunday at Georgiana
	D   S D CLARK died Sunday at Florala, he was 77 yrs, served in CSA under LONGSTREET.
	      Death due to paralysis, buried in Florala on Monday. Father of C F Clark and Mrs
	      T C PENTON
Jun 13	D   W J BENSON, brother of  O L Benson, died at St Margarites Hosp. in Montgomery last
	      Sunday, buried in Good Hope Church Monday, wife & 2 children survive
Jun 20	D   C A MORRIS was shot & killed by C C KEUES in Sampson on Sunday, over a debt
 	      owed Keues, who was arrested. Morris survived by wife and 2 children
	      Henry ELLIOTT of Florala died and was buried in Milton, FL last week
	M   W W KINSAUL & Annie Mertie BOWERS of Lockhart in Andalusia on Sunday
Jun 27	D   W L BLUE in Montgomery last week, age 70. Worked in M'gmy Post Office for 
	      40 yrs continually.  His father was past Postmaster
           Div   Charles W PRATER VS Mandy PRATER; Charley ELLISON vs Lisa ELLISON
Jul 4	D   John L BRYAN killed Friday by lightning. He was the city marshall of Brantley
	      Judge Willis C WOOD on Saturday at Florala, 86 yrs. Born in Dale Co, was
	      Probate Judge in Pike Co, interred Sunday in Florala Cem
Jul 11	M   Rev J M THOMAS  of Andalusia & Mrs Ina Mae MERRILL of  Brantley, were
	       on incoming Central of Ga train on Thursday;; Gordon E RANKEN of Brewton
	       & Grace Edna HAINES of Montgomery Jul 16 at St Phillips Catherdal, Atlanta
	D    J A WISE of Chambers Co at his home at Lafayette Friday. He was reared in this
	       county, was elected assessor in 1904 and was re-elected in 1908. Survived by wife
	       & 7 children, M T Wise,wife, Misses Willie Lee & Marie, Master J Henry of 
	       Andalusia, Mrs G E JARRELL of Notasulga, Mrs Van BERRY of  Wadley,
	       Monroe of Lafayette, & Grover of Tuscaloosa
Jul 18	D   Hon. S W BOYD died at Elba, leaves wife and brother, interred in Thompson, Ga
	      his old homeplace;; Peevey BRIDGES shot & killed by his brother Mack BRIDGES	
	     at Prattville Sunday, they were drinking and quarreling;; Mrs Sallie FRASIER, age
	     78 yrs, died at home in Andalusia Saturday, leaves husband, 4 sons & 1 daughter,
	     A L Frasier husband, G P SMITH, John, Robert, J H FRAZIER, & Mrs Effie YAWN
	     of Reno Ga. Interred at Five Runs Church on Sunday.
	D   Early WHIDDON 22 yrs of Houston Co, disappointed in love, drank laududum and
	      fired a bullet into his brain. He died Sunday at Dothan.  Whitton eloped with young
	      woman, was endeavoring to get married at Graceville, Fl when her parents brought
    	      her home;;; Miss Effie MANSIL 15 yrs was killed in Dothan , Jul 15 by lightning.
	      She was standing by bed in her parents' home, Mr & Mrs G B MANSIL.  After the
	      flash, she staggered to bad and fell dead;;; Ed H RICHMAN, proprietor of Hotel 
	      Burton in B'ham was found dead in his room;;; C J STEPHENS 60 yrs dead of 
	      apoplexy on street of Pensacola last Sunday. father of Mrs L H BRASSELL
           Lic   Robert SEXTON & Rosie FRANKLIN, C L HENDERSON & Carlie CROWDER,
	      W T COOK & Rosie CROFT, Bishop BIGG & Rosa SCOGGINS, W C ROBERTS
	      & Miss S V THOMPSON,  E P LEE & Miss Mattie CULPEPPER, Julian JACKSON
	      & Nora MANSELL, W Z BAKER & Mattie DEARING, J D WATSON & Mrs E I
Jul 25	D   Mrs Hattie GILMER, wife of Rev L S GILMER of Banks, AL died at M'gmy 
	      hospital Friday, sister of  T C FANCHER of Florala;;; J S LAWSON of Enterprise
	      killed Friday when train ran over him.  Mr Lawson was deaf & dumb, was crossing
	      tracks after work, he leaves wife, who is also deaf & dumb, brothers Fred Lawson of
	      Brantley, W H Lawson of Goshen
Jul 25	D   Minnie MULLINS, Negress killed by Herbert COX, Negro at Sanford Thursday with an
	     axe, Cox is in county jail;;; Mrs Elizabeth BRUNSON died Thursday in Opp, buried
	     Mt Ida on Friday. 76 yrs and step mother of D & W J Brunson;;;Harley RICHARDSON
	     was killed by bolt of lightning during storm in Noma Fl Friday, leaves wife & 3 children,
	     Burial at Chiipley on Saturday;;;Sloan ROWAN shot & killed by C Walter JONES on	
                   Tuesday, on train bound for Selma from M'gmy;;; Millard PATE of Black killed Dec 8
	     1911 by Sam KEITH, Keith pleaded guilty, sentenced to 35 yrs in prison.
	M  Ralph TAYLOR & Miss Lennie STEWART of Opp on Wednesday, d/o D STEWART;
	      J T MARTIN & miss Effie Mae SCOFIELD last Sunday
Aug 1	D   Sam CARROLL was laid to rest on Tuesday;; one yr old daughter of D J BROOKS of 
	      Elba last week.
Aug 8	D   Ira BARSIDEN, of Greenville by Horace MILLER, Negro, inplicating 2 others
	      Linnie APPLING 5 yr old of Mr & Mrs Appling of Andalusia, Wednesday, interred at
	      Grove Hill, cause of death was typhoid;; Baby of S H MILLNER of Paxton Friday;;;
	       LOIS, 20mos old child of W R MCDUFFIE yesterday, burial in Florala;;;  Clant SCOFIELD
	      22 YRS  of Opp, died Thursday of blood poisoning. Survived by wife. Interred in Valley
	      Grove Cem on Friday;;; "Uncle Jim MCKINNEY 97 yrs died in Opp last Wednesday
Aug 15	D   Norman Irving PLUMMER s/o T F Plummer died Saturday at Andalusia. Burial Sunday
	     at Presbetarian Church in Andalusia, interred at Andalusia
	M   B G ODOM & Lizzie WORLEY last Sunday at home of E S Worley 
           Div   Nellie MCQUEEN vs Ernest MCQUEEN
Aug 22	M   Charlotte A MCRAE of Florala & Dr C S PETREY of Columbia, AL Thursday
	D   Mrs Olivia TAYLOR 85 yrs of Opp died at home of son in law, Thomas OLMSTEAD 
	     on Monday. Services at Hickory Grove Cem Tuesday. Survived by 14 grown & married
	     children;;; Will RAMSEY, Negro, committed suicide by taking poison at Sanford prison
	     camp last week.  Ramsey killed his wife some years ago and was serving 99 yrs.
	     Mrs Foster KING Friday at Andalusia, interred at Andalusia, a week old baby is one
	     of survivors;;; Joseph C GODWIN fatally shot near Glenwood Tuesday by his wife. He
	     had been drinking and assaulted his wife and children. She shot him with a .38 in self-
	    defense. As he lay dying he said "I love my wife as well as I ever did and do not blame
	     her or shooting me." He slapped  her and chased her with knife in hand. Chief of Police
	     E D GODWIN of Enterprise, brother of deceased was present. Mrs Godwin wasn't arrested.
	B   son on Friday to E C GUNN and wife
	D   Ed STAMPS shot & killed by Frank MIZELL at Samson Wednesday.  Mizell is mayor
	     of Samson. Stamps was soon to be married to young women in Texas. He was shot 5
	     times. Interred in Evergreen. The young lady when informed of death, quickly boarded
	     a train only to have the train wrecked and had to finish by private conveyance. It is un-
	     known whether she made it to Evergreen in time for services.
Aug 29	M   Luther FOLMER &  Epsie SMITH Sunday at home of B F COLEMAN in Rose Hill
   	      Arthur WILSON & Alma GRIFFIN both of Florala married at Bagdad, Fla
Sep 5	D   J M HENDERSON citizen of Troy Al died in Baltimore Md hospital last week
	      7 yr old son of Mrs Simmons on Friday at Opp. Services Saturday at Beulah Church
Sep 12	M   Georgia Pearl COUSINS d/o Mrs Sarah Georgia Cousins to be married John Bishop	
	      PEACOCK of Elba Wednesday Oct 23, They did!!;;; Nora GEORGE & Clem COSSON	
	      Saturday in Paxton, oldest daughter of T J GEORGE & wife
	B   daughter to George SEARCY & wife of Florala
	D   Mrs Andrew WIGGINS at Pigeon Creek of pelagra
Sep 19	D   Mrs E J TART 74 yrs Monday at home of Robert PATTERSON, 6 childre 3 sons &
	     3 daughters survive;;; Hon. W J NICKOLSON, representative from Bulter Co at his
	     home in Greenville;;; W S HALL employed by Southern Cotton Oil Mill at Dothan,
	     killed Thursday, when his arm got caught in belting & shafting machine. Wife and
	     child survive.
Sep 26	M   E W HAWKINS & Irma BALLARD on Oct 23;;; Jess SEARCY of Florala & Alice
	      ODOM in Dothan last Sunday
           FYI   Hub BOYETTE charged with killing Mr FOLMER  near Searight was convicted and
	      sentenced to 5 yrs in prison.
Oct 3	D   Charlie WILSON at  Thundering Springs was shot & killed by his 16 yrs old son, Grady
	      Wilson on Saturday.  C Wilson was drunk and beat his wife & son, taking knife to son.	
	      He was shot in head with single barrel shotgun. Wilson 42 yrs left large family of children,
	      His wife was Venie RUSHING d/o Steve RUSHING;;; Oscar SOUTH age 24 yrs took 
	      overdose of laudunum died at home in Red Level;;; Allan M SAWYER 30 yrs, formerly
	      of Andalusia died in Jacksonville, FL wednes. Interred in Evergreen
Oct 10	M   Merle O'NEAL d/o Cyrus Alfred O'Neal to James Peek TILLEY s/o J P Tilley of Mont-
	      gomery on Nov 14. They did;;; James WAITS of Sanford & Maud V SHAVER now
	      of Bradenton Fl on Oct 22, d/o Henry Shaver, groom s/o G O Waits;; Leon DONLINGER
	      & Grace STUCKEY at Andalusia Sunday;; Miss Lennie COBB & Lonnie SCOFIELD
	      married in Buggy on road 3 miles form Opp on Sunday. Bride is 14 yr d/o Henry Cobb,
	      groom 18yr s/o Mrs Scofield of Estothal, AL. They stopped a JP and got married.
	D   Mr & Mrs T O NAFTEL, both found dead in Woodlawn Cem, in Birmingham today
	      Thursday with bullet in her temple and one in his head. She was Willie BURTON
	      Mrs John Henry MEADOWS, Negro, killed by her husband. She was beaten to death
	      with big stick. Then he buried her in shallow grave by swamp and covered with leaves.
	     Sentenced to hang in Pike Co courthouse.
Oct 17	D   Miss Rosa WALTON teacher in Andalusia School died Wednesday at Pineapple, AL
Oct 24	M   E A BOWERS & Etta WIGGINS
	D   W R JONES Saturday Interred Andalusia, wife & 3 daughters & one son survive;;;
	      Mrs Ella BROUGHTON 61 yrs of heart failure at Greenville Thursday, survived by
	      2 sisters Mrs Thomas H HAYES of Louisville Ky & Mrs M D WHITFIELD of Opelika,
	      and 1 brother, Dr. J T Boughton of Greenville;;; Miss Mary ADAMS, aunt of George W
	      & Grady Adams at Andalusia Monday, interred in Bagdad Fl on tuesday
Oct 31	D   John E STANLEY 59 yrs born & reared in Andalusia died Thursday morning, interred
	     Thursday evening. Wife & 3 children survive, Mrs George WILSON, Mrs Ruth ANDREWS
	     & Thomas Stanley; 2 sisters, Mollie & Bettie Stanley;;; William Calvin MCQUGUE 
	     8mos old son of Bogan McQugue & wife died Oct 8 1912 at family home;;;Robert
	     WHITTINGTON farmer in Butler Co shot and killed by another hunder near Solomon
	M   Seph DUBOSE & Mattie Lee COMPTON, & C E WELL & Lillie WELCH married
	      at Lango on Sunday
Nov 7	D   J D YOUNG  at Goshe on Monday, funeral on Tuesday, father of Mrs S J REDMON
	      Charles JERNIGAN & son burned to death at Blackwater Mill in Milton Sunday.
	      He was brother of Warden J N Jernigan of River Falls prison.
Nov 14	D   Caroline GANTT, Negro was shot & killed at Gantt Sunday by Dr MERRIWEATHER
	      3 OR 4 SHOTS FIRED, Dr Merriweather was at home sick, Deputy was placed at his
	      bedside;;;Jimmy MASON 13 yrs old last Wednesday at Scotch Manf. Co at Milligan,
	      Fl.   His sleeve got caught on machinery and he was pulled into the main shaft. He
	     was formerly of Florala, interred at Owasa, AL;;; Mrs Anna JERNIGAN 73 yr Saturday
	     in DeFuniak Springs FL, mother of 15 children, 12 still living. Warden J N Jernigan	
   	     of River Falls prison is a son. She was born & reared in Santa Rosa Co, FL. Interred 
	     at Milton, FL.
	M   Janie Louise BRAWNER d/o W N Brawner to Luther E BROWN on 19 Dec at 
	      Baptist church of Andalusia - They did
Nov 21 FYI Dr F B MERRIWEATHER was acquitted of charge of killing Caroline Gantt, 5 wit-
	      nesses testified that it was self-defense
	D   Mrs Susie DRIGGERS of Opp Wednesday from injuries sustained from a fall
Nov 28	D   Pat FITZGERALD, asst. cook at Jackson Lumber Co. was fatally shot by W O 
	      HARRISON. Shooting occured abt 1 mile from Green Bay. Harrison escaped.
	      others were involved.
	M   Walter DAVIS of Geneva Co & Mary CHAPMAN of Andalusia on Wednesday
	D   Mrs Ed WRIGHT of River Falls Tuesday. Husband survives;;; 6 mos child of 
	     Enoch JONES & wife on Nov 19, interred in Jones Cem;;;Thomas CARROLL
	     50yrs died at home of daughter Mrs Charles MOONEY near Opp, interred at
	     Cool Springs on Wednesday;;  Mrs Susan STROTHER 73 yrs Wednesday at home
	     of daughter Mrs W A MOORE at Andalusia.  The murder of Mrs Strother's
	     son in Florida a few days ago brought on paralysis and she never regain con-
	     sciousness. Funeral at Andalusia, 3 daughters live nearby Mrs T P PRESTWOO, 
	     Mrs J L  JONES & Mrs W A MOORE;;; Mrs Prescilla HAWES 73 yrs died at
	     home of J N BALL near Andalusia, interred at Bethany Cem near Heath
Dec 5	M  Charles TART & Cora HENDERSON Friday at Laurel Hill FL;; Mr E M BECKET
	      & Julia RILEY today at Baptish Church, d/o of Wm Riley, groom was born &
	     reared in South Carolina;;; Lena PARNELL & Layton ROTTENBERRY on Monday,
	     both sets of parents were bitterly opposed to marriage, married on ''QT''
	D   Lewis TATUM brother of Dr Tatum of Brooklyn died last week at DeFuniak Sprg FL
	      Mrs J E STANLEY at Andalusia Sunday. The husband preceded her to grave only
	     a few weeks ago. Funeral Monday at Andalusia Baptist Church;;; 5 mos child of 
	     E C GUNN & wife Tuesday
          FYI   A J CLARK, G C SADLER & W E SIMMONS were also charged in murder of
	     Pat FITZGERALD a few days ago;;; Jerona MOON, Negro woman of Florala was
	     charged Friday with murder of another Negro woman in Florala.
Dec 12	D   Carl FRANKLIN, shot & killed by his brother Joe FRANKLIN at Andalusia 
	     Thursday accidently.  The brothers were next door neighbors. Another neighbor
	     heard shots and cries for help and called Sheriff who arrested Joe Franklin;;;
	     1 yr old daughter of Mr & Mrs A B HARPER at Andalusia Thursday;;;
	     Archibald CAMPBELL, resident of Glenwood Al, Brothers J G & E M Campbell
	     of Opp, and double first cousins, Daniel A, Charles & Luther Campbell of Opp
	     survive, Campbell was native of South Carolina;;; J B STEELEY 64 yrs Sunday
	     at Red Level
           FYI  Montgomery Dec 7, Will G OAKLEY given life imprisonment for murder of his
	     step father P A WOOD on Oct 31;;; J Findley HOWARD is on trail for murder of
	     George BEGLEY at Andalusia few years ago. After 2 or 3 trials he is again on trial.
	     Sentenced to 10 yrs in prison;;; Dick PENTON, former Police chief of Opp was 
	     found not guilty in killing John ADAMS of Opp several years ago.
Dec 19	D   9 yrs old Ava BEAUCHAMP in Atlanta last week run over by a truck, d/o Mr & 
	     Mrs Adrian L BEAUCHAMP was crossing street, family resides in Andalusia.
          FYI   John LINGOLD JR charged with killing George Dunson ended with mistrial
	     on Thursday.
Dec 26	D   George W CROXTON of Coffee Co later of Laural Hill, FL died at Pink last 
	     week from injuries received from a mule kick;;;;Lock ANDERSON of Enter-
	     prise was found dead in hotel bed in Ozark, AL. He was abt 40 yrs and left wife
	     2 children, interred at Enterprise;;;; Gertrude JOHNSON 4yr old of WM J JOHNSON
          	    was burned to death in Columbus, Ga when her dress caught fire in open grate.
        FYI    Mary REDD, Negro woman charged with murder, found guilty and sentenced 
	    to 10 years in prison;;  Herbert COX, Negro of Sanford charged with killing a 
         Negro woman with an axe was found guilty and sentenced to 20 yrs in prison.

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