1890 Tax List of Crenshaw County, Alabama

Compiled by Lisa R. Franklin MAY 2002.
KEY: Surname, given name; © = persons of color; Township, Range, Section of
land; acreage

Beat 4-Honoraville, Alabama

Anderson, A. © T10 R16 S2, 200a
Anderson, Joseph T10 R16 S3, 80a
Andrews, George ©
Bailey, Stephen T10 R17 S29, 36a
Barrett, C.F.
Barrington, M.H. T10 R16 S35, 40a
Barrington, M.M. T10 R16 S22, 270a
Barrington, W.A. T10 R16 S36, 80a
Baxter, J.M. T10 R17 S17, 125a
Baxter, S.M. T10 R16 S20, 80a
Berry, Hiram ©
Blackmon, James
Bozeman, W.L.
Bozemna, J.L.
Bradwell, T.G. T10 R17 S17, 60a
Burns, A. T10 R16 S25, 360a
Burns, A. T10 R17 S19
Butler, Emmanuel ©
Camp, Robert © T10 R16 S11, 100a
Coker, L.M.W. T10 R17 S7, 100a
Coleman, Hanabil ©
Cook, Jerry © T7 R16 S17, 120a
Crowell, Lucinda T10 R17 S16, 170a
Crowell, M.J. T10 R17 S20, 98a
Daniel, A.P.
Daniel, N.R. T10 R17 S5, 235a
Daniel, N.R. T11 R17 S31
Daniel, T.A. T10 R16 S13, 60a
Davidson, J.T., T10 R16 S1
Davidson, J.T. T7 R17 S4, 240a
Davidson, R.H. T10 R16 S12, 61a
Davidson, R.H. T10 R16 S1, 60a
Davis, G.W. T10 R17 S20
Davis, G.W. T10 R16 S3, 160a
Dean, J.W.
Deming, Jake © T11 R16 S36, 40a
Deming, Mose ©
DePriest, F. T10 R17 S5, 320a
DePreist, G.D. T10 R17 S18, 420a
DePriest, G.D. T10 R16 S12
DePriest, G.D. T9 R17 S25
Dismuke, N.A. T10 R16 S1, 88a
Dixon, Floyd ©
Dry, W.H.
Duncan, J.F.M. T11 R16 S25, 83a
Edwards, A.C. & M.J. T10 R16 S35, 40a
Edwards, A. & M.J. T10 R16 S35, 40a
Golson, Lum ©
Hamilton, Frank ©
Hamrick, J.H.
Hartin, J.F. T10 R17 S12, 190a
Head, J.R.
Head, T.B.
Head, W.R.
Herlong, R.C. T10 R17 S6, 160a
Holley, Sam © T10 R16 S3, 120a
Holloway, J.W. T10 R16 S12
Holloway, J.W. T10 R17 S7, 162a
Huffman, Cicero
Jackson, J.D.
Joiner, T.J. T10 R16 S13, 60a
Jones, G.H. ©
Kemp, Noah © T10 R16 S2, 40a
Kent, Arnold T10 R18 S32, 80a
Kent, T.J. T10 R17 S17
King, Hal Jr. © T10 R16 S2, 80a
King, Jack © T10 R17 S6
King, Samuel © T10 R16 S3, 80a
Knight, L.S. & S.F. T10 R16 S11
Knight, L.S. & S.F. T11 R17 S33
Knight, L.S. & S.F. T8 R16 S33, 1390a
Knight, L.S. & S.F. T10 R17 S25
Long, Anthony ©
Long, Mary © T10 R17 S18, 20a
Lowery, Cain ©
Lowery, George ©
Marler, Sims
Massey, J.R.
Massey, J.W. T10 R16 S14, 190a
McBride, J.J. T10 R16 S23, 120a
McBride, J.N. T10 R16 S24, 174a
McCartha, E. T10 R17 S29, 44a
McCormack, J.M. T10 R16 S27, 80a
McGinney, Mrs. E.C. T10 R16 S24, 164a
McGough, J.D.
McGough, J.R.
McGough, M.A. T10 R17 S7, 160a
McKinzie, L.
Messer, Jerry ©
Miller, G.A.
Miller, Jasper
Miller, t.H.
Miller, W.F. T10 R16 S25, 80a
Mitchell, P.J.
Morgan, C.A. T10 R16 S10, 40a
Morgan, C.H. T10 R17 S1
Morgan, C.H. T11 R16 S10, 230a
Morgan, J.B. T10 R16 S3, 100a
Morgan, J.W. T10 R16 S10, 160a
Morgan, J.W. T10 R16 S23, 200a
Morgan, T.E. T11 R16 S35, 171a
Morris, E.C. T10 R17 S19, 440a
Mothershead, James M.
Owens, J.B.
Owens, J.S. T10 R17 S18, 40a
Owens, L.
Owens, T.B. T10 R17 S19, 80a
Owens, T.B. T10 R17 S19, 160a
Owens, W.J. T10 R17 S19, 159a
Owens, Zed
?, by Sexton, A.C. T10 R17 S28, 40a
Parkman, J.B. T10 R16 S34, 160a
Parkman, Lee T10 R16 T27, 80a
Perdue, Ed ©
Perdue, Prince © T10 R16 S22, 82a
Peterson, Austin
Peterson, Austin ©
Peterson, Ed ©
Peterson, R.S.
Peterson, R.S.
Peterson, R.S.
Peterson, Austin ©
Peterson, F.F.
Petty, J.T. T10 R16 S 10, 100a
Petty, Jack
Petty, James T9 R17 S6, 80a
Phelps, Benjamin T10 R16 S27, 120a
Pipkin, J.J.
Pipkin, J.R.T.
Pollard, E.J.
Pollard, H.N. & J.H. T9 R17 S2, 200a
Pollard, H.N. & J.H. T10 R17 S6
Pollard, J.N.
Pollard, M.T. T10 R17 S6, 80a
Pollard, N.F. T10 R17 S5, 40a
Pollard, S.A. R. T10 R17 S6, 145a
Pollard, T.J. T10 R17 S31, 80a
Pollard, W.D. T10 R17 S7, 340a
Pollard, Z.D. T10 R17 S6, 60a
Price, Pink © T11 R16 S34, 40a
Quillian, T.L. T10 R17 S17, 411a
Raburn, R.E.
Raburn, Mrs. E.J., T10 R16 S35, 40a
Raburn, Mrs. Martha T10 R16 S35, 160a
Raburn, R.A.W.
Reeves, J.E.
Reeves, R.T. T10 R17 S3, 120a
Rhodes, Henry © T11 R17 S31, 100a
Rhodes, L.R. T10 R17 S16, 250a
Rodgers, J.D.
Rodgers, J.H.
Rodgers, Peter ©
Rodgers, S.E. T10 R17 S29, 120a
Rodgers, Tate ©
Rodgers, W.L.
Rodgers, Wesley T10 R17 S30, 80a
Roper, E.F. T10 R17 S7,80a
Roper, Fleming © T10 R16 S10, 80a
Roper, Gilbert ©
Roper, P.F.H. T11 R16 S35, 150a
Roper, W.E. & J.W.
Routen, J.C. T10 R16 S15, 525a
Routen & Holloway T10 R16 S12, 69a
Rushton, Ned © T10 R16 S10, 80a
Seawright, John
Sexton, Alcey C. T11 R17 S33, 40a
Sexton, Alcey C. T11 R16 S26, 20a
Sexton, Francis Marion
Sexton, James Madison
Sexton, O.C. T10 R17 S33, 80a
Sheppard, C.W.
Sheppard, Hilary
Sheppard, J.W. T10 R16 S10, 100a
Sims, A.L. T11 R16 S34, 180a
Sims, I.W. ©
Sims, Isaac © T10 R16 S3, 400a
Sims, Israel ©
Sims, J.W. T10 R17 S32, 160a
Sims, Paul © T10 R16 S1, 245a
Sims, Paul © T11 R16 S35
Sims, W.M.
Skipper, N. Jr. T10 R16 S22, 70a
Smith, A.
Stallings, H.C. T10 R16 S26, 320a
Stallings, R.H. T10 R17 S8, 340a
Stringer, Evin T10 R16 S2, 40a
Taylor, T.Y.
Terrell, J.S.
Thomas, J.W. T10 R16 S27, 80a
Thomas J.G. T10 R16 S12, 123a
Tindal, A.D.
Tindal, W.D. T10 R16 S34, 120a
Tomlinson, Addison (cO T10 R16 S2, 40a
Turner, G.W. T10 R16 S12, 70a
Turner, G.W. T10 R17 S7
Turner, J.W. T10 R17 S7, 223a
Turner, S.H. T10 R17 S7, 101a
Waters, Alex © T11 R16 S35
Waters, Alex © T10 R16 S11, 212a
Welch, G.W. T10 R17 S31, 40a
Welch, W.B.
Wells, J.G.
Wells, W.E. T10 R16 S14, 90a
York, H.O. T10 R16 S34, 200a
York, H.O. T9 R16 S2

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