1870 Death Roll for Covington County, Alabama

Compiled & contributed MAY 2002 by Joan Hallford Hidle

Column 1: Number of family as given in the 2n column of schedule 1.(This column blank for Covington.)
Column 2: Name of every person who died during the year ending June 1, 1870, whose place of abode
at the time of death was in this family.
Column 3: Age at last birthday. If under one year , give months in fractions as 3/12.
Column 4: Sex - Male (M) Female (F).
Column 5: Color - White (W), Black (B), Mulatto (M), Chinese (Ch), Indian (I).
Column 6: Married (M), Widowed (W).
Column 7: Place of Birth, naming the State or Territory of the U. S., or the country, if foreign
Column 8: The month in which the person died .
Column 9: Profession, Occupation or Trade.
Column 10: Disease or Cause of Death.
Column 11: Area of County the person died, listed in Township and Range.

Clark, Marion 20 M W S Ala. Jan Farm Hand Shot By Accident T. 6 R. 16
Barnes, Elizabeth 38 F W M Ga. Oct. K. House Child Birth T.6. R. 16
Brown, Amy 40 F W W Ga. Apr. K. House Dropsy T. 6 R.16
Polk, Jasper 19 M W S Ala. Feb. Farm Hand Dropsy T. 6 R. 16
Manley, Charles J. (twin) 12 M W Ala. Jan Dropsy T. 5 R. 14
Manley, Caseus B. (twin) 12 M W Ala. July Palsey T. 5 R. 14
Pew, Susan 32 F B M Ga. May Child Birth T. 5 R. 14
Dauphin, Jas 78 M W M N. C. Apr. Farmer Dropsey T. 5 R. 16
Carter, Asa 67 M W M Apr. Farmer Bilius Fever/ Dropsey T. 5 R. 16
Parish, Malcom 6 M W Fla. Feb. Inflamation T. 1 R. 16
Parish, Sarah 20 F W Ala. Apr. Not Mentioned T. 1 R. 16
McLendon?, Wm. 17 M W S Ala March Farm Hand Unknown T. 2 R. 17
Thompson, Berth 30 F B M Ga. March K. House Unknown T. 3 R. 16
Riley, Jane 35 F W M Ala. Nov. K. House Unknown T. 3 R. 14

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