List of People Transacting Business with Robinson Tanyard & Manufacturing Company, Covington County, Alabama for the Year 1865


Compiled & contributed by:
Lisa Donica, MAR 2005.

This listing comes from old business ledger's in possession of the Robinson family descendants in Mobile, AL. (Additional information/notes in parenthesis after entries.)

Acree, William T. (William Thomas, Covington County’s first probate judge)
Allen, Jesse
Ammons, E.B.
Amos, L.A.
Amos, L.N.
Amos, Syndenham
Anderson, Dr. J.W.
Atkinson, A.J.
Atkison, Alex
Autry, E.G.
Autry, George
Autry, Mrs. Sarah
Autry, Mrs. Sarah
Avery, O.M.
Bacchilden, G. F. C.
Blackshear, Jeptha
Boulware, Gill
Boulware, Hinchie W.
Bradley, William M.
Brooks, Benjamin
Carey, John D.
Caton, Mrs. Elizabeth
Chesser, S.T.
Cole, Mr.
Collier, J.C.
Crigler, William
Crigler, William L.
Darby, Willia
Davidson, William
Deshon, William F.
Dozier, Elias
DuBose, George H.
DuBose, Mrs. F.J.
DuBose, Mrs. Francis
Famum, O.H.
Feagin, A.B.
Feagin, Dick
Feagin, J.M.
Feagin, James M.
Feagin, Josh
Feagin, Mary
Feagin, Miss Mary
Feagin, Samuel
Feagin, Samuel P.
Feagin, Tom
Findley, John (s/o Magilry & Dolly Findley)
Findley, Martin (s/o Magilbry & Dolly Findley)
Fleming, Aden
Fleming, George
Fleming, Margaret
Fleming, Mrs. Aden
Floyd, Alfred
Floyd, Charles
Floyd, Mrs. James
Foster, John
Foster, Samuel
Franklin, John (John A., s/o Willson & Tempy Franklin)
Franklin, Rena (Serena T. d/o Willson & Tempy Franklin)
Franklin, William ( William H., s/o Willson & Tempy Franklin)
Ghent, Philan
Godwin, James A.
Graham, Rev.
Grindorf, H.G.
Hankin, E.W.
Harrington, George G.
Harrison, Mrs. S.
Harrison, W.W.
Hicks, H.P.
Hicks, H.P.
Hickson, John
Hirschfelder, S. for C. LeBaron
Hirshfelder, J.S.
Hodges, Bettie
Hodges, Elias R.
Hodges, George
Hodges, H.V.
Hodges, Mrs. E.O.
Hodges, R.H.
Hodges, Sampson
Howard, G.W.
Howard, Robert
Irvin, R.P.
Jernigan, J.
Johnson, Robert
Johnston, L.A.
Johnston, Mrs. Abigail
Jones, G.M.
Jones, G.M.
Jones, George M. for son George Jones
Jones, Josiah
Jones, L.C.
Jones, L.C.
Jones, Valey
Jordan, Glen
Judge, William
Kraker, I.G.W. (Issac Green W., son-in-law of Magilbry & Dolly Findley)
Lance, G.W.
Lee, Miss Amanda
Leigh, Amanda
Leigh, John D.
Leigh, Mrs. N.
Leigh, N.R.
Liles, John N.
Lunsford, John P.
Lyles, John
Maloy, E.
Mancil, John
Martin, A.
Martin, Alex
Martin, W.W.
McClellan, Macon
McCreary, E. for son Wilson
McCreary, Elijah
McCreary, John
McGowin, Samuel
McIven, Evender
McIver, Mrs.
McIver, Mrs. Nancy
McIver, Sarah
McLemin, Macon
McLillian, John
Miller, J.C.
Mims, James
Mock, J.
Montgomery, Col. J.T.
Morton, Jackson
Mullins, James
Newberry, John
Oliver, George
Overman, B.
Parker, Benjamin
Pickett, William R.
Pilly, S.
Pilly, Stephen
Powell, P.O.
Powell, P.P.
Rawls, John
Respess, Alvis
Respess, Mrs.
Richie, J.N.
Richie, James M.
Riley, E.G.
Riley, Mrs. E.B.
Robinson, A.J.
Robinson, J.M.
Robson, Noah
Robson, Polk
Salter, John R.
Sills, Will
Simpson, E.
Smith, Martin
Snowden, Marshel
Snowden, William
Stallworth, Mary & Bettie
Stallworth, Mrs. C.
Stallworth, R.P.
Stanley, C.A.
Still, H.B.
Strang, Mrs. Julia
Strang, Thomas
Strange, William M.
Talisferro, Charles T.
Thompson, Benjamin
Thompson, Simpson Septha
Tignor, Sina
Turk, Laban
Turk, William
Tynes, Samuel
Walston, Mr.
Walters, Ezekiel
Ward, Moses
Whitmire, K.J.
Williams, Col. Bruce
Williams, Henry
Woods, B.H.
Word, Owin


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