Letter to Governor Bibb, Alabama Territory:  
Return of the Franklin County Militia

Subj:	Return of Franklin County Militia
Date:	96-12-17 21:59:48 EST
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Dear Lisa:
I didn't know how else to get this info to you other than to send it in 
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A letter to Gov. Bibb of the Alabama Territory:

Return of the Franklin County Militia
June 30, 1818

	Return of the Strength of the Militia of Franklin County, Alabama 
Territory agrieably to the Organization made on the 30th day of June, 1818.

Names of Persons   Capts.  Lieut.  Ensigns  Pvts.  Total Company     Subalterns
Nominated Capt.                                       Strength

John Yocom          1       1         1      68         71          John Weathers Lt.
                                                                    Moses Hatfield ENS

Samuel Wiley        1       1         1      67         70          Wm. Wiley Lt.
                                                                    David Kennedy ENS

John Bullock        1       1         1      69         72          Richd. Martin Lt.
                                                                    Elijah Sullivan ENS

James Newbery       1       1         1      66       69            Washington Brown Lt.
                                                                    John L. Stinson ENS

John Duke           1       1         1      66       69            James Hardcastle Lt.
                                                                    William Welch Ensign

Michael Byrd        1       1         1      68       71            James Marlan Lieut.
                                                                    Amos Coonch Ensign

Thomas C. Hindman
Major, Franklin Co. A.T.

[Note:  the last two names in the rightmost column MAY be James Martin 
and Amos Couch - not very clear]

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