Company B, 17th Alabama Regiment CSA

Contributed by J. Coburn


Rome, GA. Oostenaula bridge and  Resaca
New Hope
Lost Mountain

The regiment surrendered at Greensboro, NC, in April, 1865.

Company B. 17th Alabama Regiment, As given by

Private Sam T. Ewing, Now in his 90th year (Nov. 1914)

This company was made up at Greenville, Alabama, March 1863.

Thos. Porter, Captain


Conathan, Joseph

Cook, James

Davis, Sims Killed at the Battle of Franklin.

Ewin, S. T.  Born in Hancokc County, Ga. March 3, 1828. Father's name Johathan Ewing, mother's name Nancy Turner.

Fowler, Robt.

Grantham, Thos. (Thomas Jefferson Grantham.  For more information )

Mims, Baz.

Majors, James,

Majors, Dan

Majors, Joe, Killed at the battle of Atlanta.

Rambo, John, Killed at the Battle of Resacca.

Rigsbey, joe

Shine, Porter

Stallings, James.  Father's name was Daniel.  Mother's name was Nancy H Lane.

Stallings, Henry C.  was born Feb. 6, 1845.  Joined the army at Mobile May the first 63.  Paroled at Montgomery May 65.  Father's name was Daniel.   Mother's name was Nancy H. Lane.  Age at time of enlistment 18.  Present address Honoroville, Ala.

Smith Robt.

Shine Daniel

Shine Hillary

Stanley Reuben

Stevens, James

Tisdale, Sam

Watson, James

Watson, Sam

Watson, Lloyd


Name Age
Coleman, Jesse 28
Coleman, Geo. T 17
Coxton, Alfred D 21
Coleman, Chales 23
Deens, Wm. H. 25
Davis, John W. 27
Eubanks, Jesse H. 20
Foster, Hosey W 18
Fowler, W. B. s. 20
Gardner, John 23
Garrett, Henry C. 22
Garrett, Nathan S. 17
Griffin, John H 20
Griswald, Oba. 31
Griswald, Clemmen 28
Galloway, Elis 22
Grantham, Wm 18
Grantham, Thomas J 19
Green, James 19
Hudson, Wm W. 16
Halso, Stephen 20
Hamrick, John F. 21
Hawthorne, John R. 24
Hodges, David L. 21
Jones, J. B. 21
Johnson, Geo. S. 23
Jolley, Henry H.         21

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