CSA - Thirteenth Alabama Infantry (Company A)

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From the Southern Republic

T. C. Brewer, Editor

Camden, Alabama, Saturday July 13th, 1861


“Alabama River Rangers” - (Company A - 13th Alabama)

This fine company left here on Sunday last for Virginia. They took the

steamer, Coquette, at Bridgeport, Alabama River, about 8 o’clock, p. m. The

company is one of the best that has yet left the state, and is well

officered. We have many warm friends amongst them, and hope to see them, all

return to their homes to enjoy that sweet peace which neither they nor their

country have ever broken. The following is a list of the officers and


Muster Roll of the Alabama River Rangers, as mustered into the service of the

Confederate States of America, July 7th, 1861.

Captain Reginanld A. Dawson, 1st Lieutenant James D. Clark, 2nd

Lieutenant Williard H. Andrews, 3rdLieutenant Samuel Sellers; 1st Sergeant

Stephen J. Jones, 2nd Sergeant Wm. R. McArthur, 3rd Sergeant JacksonWelch,

4th Sergeant Octavius Victor, 1st Corporal Calvin C. Sellars, 2nd Corporal

John W. Rentz, 3rd Corporal

John T. Cook, 4th Corporal Walter R. Primm.

Privates: J. B. Avritt, A. Baggett, P. Baggett, T. J. Bolton, D. F. C.

Brooks, J. B. Burns, W. A. Carr, J. Baggett, E. J. Bailey, N. H. Brantley, W.

W. Burford, V. H. Carstarphen, C. F. Carstarphen, A. C. Clark, J. Chambers,

J. G. Cook, Wm. Crook, F. M. Day, W. A. Dezter, J. M. Dunn, T. J. Dunn, L. D.

Edins, J. Enzer, W. A. Estes, E. G. Farish, S. H. Garner, A. Bullett, E.

Hadox, I. Handly, J. Harville, G. S. Harville, I. H. Hayes, W. D. Hicks, F.

Holcomb, B. J. Holcomb, Henry Holt, G. Higgins, C. Hutchinson, J. T. Jordon,

James T. Jordon, F. G. Jones, W. I. H. Johnson, James Kane, Jessie Kersy, W.

T. Kersey, W. P. Luker, C. Manor, H. Martin, Hezekiah Martin, P. McArthur,

J. W. McCaskey, A. McCaskill, C. McCaskill, D. McLaughlin, A. J. Miller, G.

S. Miller, John Morgan, J. L. Moore, Eli Nettles, J. W. Neville, R. P.

Neville, John J. Pierce, J. W. Reaves, B. Rieard, E. W. Roach, J. D. Roach,

E. C. Robinson, J. T. Robinson, T. J. Saddler, S. P. Sellars, J. B. Skinner,

J. H. Smith, S. D.Smith, Robert Tait, S. Tarver, C. Tebbs, N. Thornly, b. F.

Voltz, W. L. Walker, C. H. Warley, G. Williams, John Williams, T. C.

Williams, A. M. Williamson, E. M. Williamson, J. S. Wingate, S. B. Woodson. "


(additional information on William P. Luker from this unit:)

William P. Luker - Confederate Millitary Record - State Archives - Pvt. -

Company A - 13th Alabama

Infantry - Date/Place of Enlistment - July 5, 1861 - Camden, alabama - Born

in Alabama, age 34, married,

farmer at Camden, Alabama - Wounded - lost arm, 24th August 1864

*Authority - Historical record roll signed at Petersburg, Va. on Jan. 1st,


Absent sick at:

Siege of Yorktown to Falling Waters, July 14, 1863? included.

Present at :

Gaines Crossroads July 25, 1863

Bristow Station October 14, 1863

Mine Run November 27, 1863

Absent without leave at;

Wilderness May 5, 1864 to Spottsylvania, CH - May 12, 1864 included.

Present at:

Bethesda Church June 3, 1864

Davis Farm August 18, 1864

Davis Farm August 19, 1964

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